The introduction of San Juan Mercantile Project of American Software Capital Group

Author:American Software CapitalSource:American Software Capital

American Software Capital Group formally acquired San Juan Mercantile Bank&Trust in Puerto Rico late last month, which marks its formal march into the new areas of transnational commercial banks.

Mercantile Global Holdings owns two branches and divisions, the San Juan Mercantile Bank&Trust and the San Juan Mercantile Exchange.


San Juan Mercantile Bank&Trust

Licensing Unit: OCIF Financial Institutions Authority

Place of Registration: San Juan City, Puerto Rico, United States

Category of Licence: IFE International Financial Entity

Licence Number: IFE-060

CEO: Robert Collins

President: David Chen

Chairman: Robert Collins

Vice Chairman: David Chen

Chief of Legal Officer: Jeff. Steiner

Principal Representative in China: Zhang Qianqian

Scope: general commercial banks, offshore finance, trust business, international remittances, various investment and financial management, international credit business, various credit card cards, commodity and digital asset exchanges, etc.

San Juan Mercantile Bank&Trust

Offer services of opening overseas US dollar bank account

Revolutionary simplification of online application procedures

First artificial intelligence computer approval

More than 200 foreign banks have been stationed in China with nearly 1,000 operating outlets.

With the introduction and implementation of the "Administrative License for Foreign Banks" on January 3th this year, the number of foreign banks will greatly   increase, to bring better service and choice for majority consumers in China!

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