Suining City: Yang Hongbo and Zhao Shiyong met with visiting groups.

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Yang Hongbo and Zhao Shiyong met with visiting groups.

Find the right cooperation points to speed up the construction of aviation industry parks and smart cities.

On April 23, Yang Hongbo, secretary of the municipal party committee together with Zhao Shiyong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and   party secretary of the municipal government, met with Ma Ying, chairman of Fengxiang International Capital Group and David Chen, chairman of the Federal   Aviation Pacific Holdings Group. The two sides held in-depth exchanges on the development of the aviation industry and the construction of smart cities.

As a professional aircraft manufacturing, operation and investment company in American aviation industry, United States Federal Aerospace Holdings has   strong advantages in R & D, manufacturing and management of general aviation industry. Fengxiang International Capital Group Co., Ltd. is a professional   investment bank, whose main business covers investment banking business, fund management, energy investment business and accounting firm business.

“Suining is located in the ventral heart of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and it plays an important role in the multi-point supporting development strategy. Combined with the reality of its own development, Suining adheres to scientific development, green development and   innovative development, and realizes new leaps and bounds of development with innovative ideas, methods and measures. At present, Suining relies on the   construction project of Anju Airport to build a general aviation industry park and speed up the development of aviation industry. I hope that the two sides will   further strengthen exchanges and communication, find the right points for cooperation, and achieve common development.

Said Yang Hongbo.

Ma Ying said that enterprises should pay attention to the combination of national strategy, enterprise strategy and local development during their   development.Enterprises should accelerate communication and docking, and promote the early settlement of the project in Suining according to the key   development industries of themselves.

Zhu Bing, Fu Huiming, Deng Wei and other municipal leaders attended the meeting.

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