Civil Aviation and Northeast Revitalization Summit Forum

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The Thirteenth Five-year Plan for the development of civil aviation in China clearly proposes that by 2020, a safe, convenient, efficient and green modern civil aviation system will be   basically built to meet the needs of the country in building a well-off society in an all-round way. We have gradually completed the five major development tasks of "ensuring the continuous safety of aviation, constructing a national comprehensive   airport system, comprehensively enhancing aviation service capacity, improving air traffic control guarantee service level, and reforming and innovating to   promote transformation and development ", giving full play to the role of civil aviation strategic industry, better serving the national strategy, better meeting the needs of   the broad masses of the people, and laying a more solid foundation for the realization of a powerful civil aviation power.


Civil Aviation and Northeast Revitalization Summit Forum" related leaders

Transform Structure and Upgrade Construction of Aviation Industry System

The government work report 2017 proposed to lead the transformation of the real economy with innovation, accelerate the big data, cloud computing,   Internet applications, and promote the transformation of the production, management and marketing models of traditional industries with new technologies, new   formats and new models. It also advocated the full implementation of strategic emerging industry development plan, to accelerate the transformation of new   materials, new energy, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, fifth generation mobile communications and other technology research and   development, and to achieve the work goal of bigger and stronger industrial clusters.

In this context, Northeast Airlines Co., Ltd., together with the Northeast Branch of the China Civil Aviation Pilots Association, the Shenyang Base of Capital   Airlines, the Northeast Aviation History Memorial Hall, the United States Federal Aviation Pacific Holdings Group, the Economic Research Institute of the Free   Trade Zone of Shenyang University, and the Liaoning Free Trade Zone legal Research Association, jointly organized on the afternoon of June 23 in Hunnan District. This forum focused on the adjustment of aviation industry structure and the opportunity of enterprise development, and discussed about   how to draw lessons   from the second round of northeast revitalization and development banner, to change the inherent economic development model and upgrade the industrial   structure. Help Northeast economy take off and other topics

Experts gather around to discuss the economic development of the industry

In order to create a more professional forum for civil aviation industry development, the forum invited Liu Lanji, head of the Administrative Committee of   Shenyang Airport Economic Zone, Gao Xiaojun, Director of the Institute of Economics of the Free Trade Zone of Shenyang University / Dean of the School of   Economics of Shenyang University, David Chen, President of Asia Pacific Group of the Federal Aviation Pacific Holdings Group / President of North America of   Northeast Airlines Co., Ltd., and Zhang Baoku, curator of the Northeast Aviation History Memorial Hall, to give special lectures on civil aviation related experts and   scholars.


Presentations by civil aviation experts and scholars

This forum is a platform for dialogue and cooperation in the development of civil aviation. Northeast China has a very large prospects for the development of   the aviation market, China has also issued a strong policy to promote domestic demand, the northeast aviation market will occupy a very large proportion in the   next 20 years. Under this opportunity, United Airlines is honored to have this opportunity to work with Northeast Airlines to promote cooperation between China   and the United States in the aviation industry. I hope that the experts and elite people from all walks of life will explore the road of economic development in   Northeast China.” Said David Chen, North American President of North East Airlines Limited.

Liu Lanji, head of the Management Committee of Shenyang Airport Economic Zone, pointed out that "vigorously developing Shenyang's air-front industry, seizing rare development opportunities in the airport economic zone, actively promoting air-front industry projects, building multidimensional planning of the Airport Economic Zone, Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and Taoxian International Airport with   the same frequency resonance, to realize the high quality integration of the development of airport internal functions and the regional economy. Focusing on the   promotion of territorial aviation settled in Shenyang, Northeast Airlines has become Shenyang's first territorial airline. Promoting Shenyang aviation industry   radiation-driven effects, speeding up the process of building industrial clusters, contribute to Shenyang air-front economic development and the sailing of northeast revitalization strategy !"


Liu Lanji, Administrative Committee of Shenyang Airport Economic Zone

Gao Xiaojun, director of the Institute of Economics of the Free Trade Zone of Shenyang University and dean of the School of Economics of Shenyang University, has focused on building an open research platform that integrates theory and countermeasures for many years. In her speech, she emphasized that "the aviation   economic chain composed of aircraft manufacturing, civil aviation transportation, aviation services, has gathered a large number of people, logistics, capital flow,   technology flow, information flow and other high-quality resources, but also created rich development opportunities, which has a strong radiation effect on regional economic and social development. The   construction of Belt and Road provides a broad space for Northeast China to expand regional construction, open to the outside world and promote economic   growth. Currently, Under the background of Northeast Rejuvenation Strategy, we should take Belt and Road strategy as the guide to add vitality to economic   development. The establishment of Liaoning Free Trade Test Zone urgently needs to open up the window to the outside world through the development of   aviation economy and broaden the bridge of international relations. The aviation industry will also become an important pillar industry in Shenyang. Shenyang has   the foundation, advantages, needs and opportunities to promote the revitalization of Northeast China.


   Gao Xiaojun, Director of Economic Research Institute of Free Trade Zone& Dean of the faculty of economics, Shenyang University

"The Northeast area is actually a gateway hub for all North American routes. We are looking forward to deeper cooperation and innovative planning with   Northeast Airlines, including many charter flights and regular routes in North America. Soon, executives from Florida will visit Northeast Airlines for in-depth business exchanges and docking. The population of Northeast China is about 120 million, and it is rich in mineral resource with strong industrial base, high   level of education, and it is under the timing that China vigorously develops the aviation. The development prospect of northeast aviation is inestimable in the   future." Said David Chen, president of Asia Pacific and North American Airlines Co., Ltd.


David Chen, president of Asia Pacific and North American Airlines Co., Ltd.

"The Northeast Aviation Historical Memorial Hall focuses on the history of the Chinese Air Force's War of Resistance against Japan and the development of the New Chinese People's Air Force in different periods during the KMT-CPC Cooperation and show China's civil, general aviation from scratch hard development process at the same time. The four display units include the war of   resistance, the cradle of the eagle, the lofty ambition and the wings of the great power. Northeast revitalization can not be separated from the development of   civil aviation. In order to develop the northeast aviation, we must make full use of the excellent aviation culture in the northeast, start from the cultural heritage,   connect the business model with the society, and combine with the advanced, to realize the general aviation of our country from the big country to the great   country.”Zhang Baoku, curator of the Northeast Aviation Historical Memorial Hall, said in his speech.


Zhang Baoku, curator of the Northeast Aviation Historical Memorial Hall

Round-table Q&A with consensus building

After the speeches, the atmosphere of the discussion went warm and no participants wanted to miss the opportunity to ask questions.


Experts share industry experiences in the Round-table Q&A

One of the participants asked Chen Chunsheng, chairman of the board of directors of Hangjie Group / chairman of Northeast Airlines :" Airlines is the mass   service industry, business development is very important, while the service quality, service efficiency and service standards, as well as passenger satisfaction is more important." How can we improve passenger satisfaction and establish a good corporate image?


Questions from participants to experts


Chen Chunsheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hang Jie Group / Chairman of Northeast Airlines, answered questions from participants

"There are no shortcuts for service, and there are no shortcuts to improving service quality ," Chen said. In the future, Northeast Airlines will regard the   passenger satisfaction as the focus of enterprise development. Northeast Airlines will improve cabin design, widen guest space and provide personalized catering   services   to each passenger. As the only passenger and freight carrier in Shenyang, Northeast Airlines has the obligation and responsibility to contribute to the revitalization of Northeast China. I believe that Northeast Airlines will become the leading enterprise in the future ." The answer won the burst of warm applause, and the atmosphere reached its climax.


Yi weiguo, CEO of Northeastern Airlines Ltd., replied to questions raised by participants


Gao Xiaojun, Director of the Institute of Economics of the Free Trade Zone of Shenyang University, and Dean of the School of Economics of Shenyang   University, answered questions

Regional Civil Aviation Interchange to Create the development of Northeast Economy

Northeast Airlines will set up more cooperation platforms, carry out multi-project and multidisciplinary exchanges and cooperation, open up more channels for all social strata and groups, create a diversified interaction, and situation for   the development of northeast revitalization.


Guest at the Civil Aviation and Northeast Revitalization Summit Forum


Summit Forum on Civil Aviation and North-East Revitalization


Leaders and pilots of Northeast Airlines Co., Ltd

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