Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercantile Global Holdings

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Robert Collins

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercantile Global Holdings

The Mercantile Global Holdings was founded in 2019 by Collins (BO Collins), the former chairman of New York Mercantile Exchange. He launched a brand new   institutional—— cryptocurrency trading platform. Which aims at economic traders and institutional investors, traders in encrypted money markets. The platform will provide a   strong competitiveness for the existing encrypted currency exchange platform, which is likely to attract institutional investors.

On April 22, 2020, American Software Capital Group acquired 100% of Mercantile Global Holdings, as well as its Mercantile Bank of Trust and San Juan Digital Asset Exchange founded by Mr. Collins. Mr Collins is currently the chairman and CEO chief executive of Mercantile Global Holdings.

Mr. Collins and Mr. David Chen have been friends for many years. After careful communication and discussion, they have reached a consensus to work together to further expand their business.

Mercantile Bank &Trust International (SJMBT) is a new   banking institution that serves encrypted currency dealers in Puerto Rico. It is the first encrypted   currency bank opened in Puerto Rico. Founded in June 2019, This bank is responsible for encrypted currency transactions and custody services. It's also a financial   technology incubator.

Collins is the former president of the New York Mercantile Exchange, during his tenure in 2001~2004, he has made many influential suggestions to the board   of directors. Under his leadership, NYMEX got an A++ initial S&P credit rating, and was named "the best exchange of the year ". Listed in November 2006, NYMEX   raised 384 million dollars   and sold it to CME Group for about $8.3 billion in August 2008.

Collins also set up a "MotherRock" energy trading hedge fund" in 2005, which conducted several highly leveraged deals in the gas market. Collins is also head   of the International Derivatives Liquidation Group (IDCG), which is now owned by LCH.Clearnet LLC. Collins was El Paso Corp. senior vice president of gas trade   before joining the NYMEX. Mr. Collins is an active entrepreneur who is currently involved in successful and innovative businesses, such as Matrix Global Holdings,   the first crude oil storage auction platform. M2Infrastructure, developers and other related entities of large energy storage infrastructure. Mr. Collins is a respected   financial trading and financial technology professional, he has also launched an incubator program to leverage innovative solutions such as cryptocurrency and   blockchain technology to improve infrastructure development, logistics, financial transactions, and exchange clearing. He also worked in the NYMEX trading hall   and the Federal Reserve in Dallas.

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