American Software Capital Group's industrial sector, " Chain Super Service Station"

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One of the projects of American Software Capital Group's industrial sector, " Chain Super Service Station" has been officially launched in New York. The   project has upended the existing traditional gas station, and it is a revolutionary combination of gas stations, convenience supermarkets, financial services, lottery,   automatic car washing, car rental services, car sales business ,U- Pack containers, electric vehicle charging and other "profit model".



Once you enter a "Chain Super Service Station ", you can obtain many of your life content together. The next generation of convenience supermarkets will go in two directions:

1.Metropolis: Delicate and self-sufficient.

2.Suburban: Grand and comprehensive, with distinctive themes and vast stores! The novel overall design and layout, comfortable shopping atmosphere and bright lighting will all lead a new trend of the supermarket.


According to the statistic of the National Association Convenience Stores, there are 123,000 convenience stores in 150,000 gas stations, accounting for nearly   85%. The monthly turnover of gas is about 80-300 thousand dollars, plus the convenience stores, the number will reach 130-430 thousand dollars. According to the industry report, each gas station with a convenience store has an average annual turnover of 4 million dollars!



This is a project with promising future and potential, combined with gas stations, convenient hypermarket, car rental, car sales, car washing, charging piles and other businesses, it could be a multifunctional and multi-income unicorn project. And with China's opening-up policy further intensified, this new type of service industry is expected to promote and develop in China.

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