The Three-wheel super sportcar project pertains to American Aerospace Group

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The Three-wheel super sportcar project pertains to American Aerospace Group, the subordinate of American Software Capital Group. The three-wheel super sportcar is not only beautiful in appearance, but also in line with the development trend of the international automobile industry with the following   four elements:lightweight, intelligent, electric, personalized .   All models are made of the latest aviation grade composite materials, four times as strong as the   ordinary metal bodies! It’s anti-impact, stainless, durable. Its light weight greatly reduces energy consumption and greatly improves the mileage, which is also the mainstream of the development of new energy electric vehicles in the world today. WechatIMG49.pngWechatIMG48 1.jpeg

This super sportcar is the first new energy electric vehicle with carbon fiber composite material in China. The quality of the whole vehicle conforms to the   national standard GB7358-2017. It adopts the suspension system of formula racing car, with racing double-seat layout and low wind-resistance streamlined design. It’s armed with ultra wide rear wheel and pure electric drive, racing steering wheel of F-1 formula car, all-car Wildwood disc brake and extended-range power configuration.

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Extended-range electric configuration is a relatively unfamiliar technology for ordinary domestic people. It’s a combination of pure electric system and internal combustion   engine range booster technology, It can patrol about 100 kilometers in the mode of pure electric vehicle after filling battery, which is enough to meet the general   commuting driving needs of most car owners. In the case of distant driving that consumes more than the battery power, the on-board intelligent system will automatically start the on-board range booster engine and drive the on-board generator to charge the battery when the power is reduced to 20%. Therefore, it can achieve 100% power drive and unlimited endurance without parking to charge.

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Twelve obvious advantages of the three-wheel super sportcar:

1. Streamline and Stylish Appearance.

2. Triangular principle with stability and security.

3. Niche markets but great potential.

4. Turkey project with adorable price.

5. License-legal and road-legal.

6. Economical and practical.

7. Only half as heavy as traditional body.

8. High-impact. The intensity is four times as strong as traditional bodies.

9. Low consumption. The endurance is doubled due to the light weight.

10. Environmental friendly,No pickling, phosphating and electrophoresis are needed during the production process。

11. Long service life. The whole car adopts carbon fiber composite materials and it’s stainless therefore.

12. Products with modern aviation technology.

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