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General Aviation is one of the entity businesses of American Software capital. In June 2017, Mr. David Chen, president of Federal Aerospace Holding Group,   completed the cooperation affairs with Northeast Airlines, and both sides signed an all-round strategic cooperation agreement, jointly registered and established "Northeast International Holding Group Company" in the United States, and successfully obtained the business license issued by the state government of Nevada. This indicated that Northeast Airlines has made a great and brilliant strategic decisive   point in creating an international business environment, which set international strategic goals for Northeast Airlines and provided an international export way for Northeast Airlines to go worldwide. Northeast Airlines plays an important social role in the national "Northeast Revitalization". It will open up more markets in   creating a number of air tourism varieties and strengthening international travel charter flights.


General Aviation’s business includes business aircraft, agricultural aircraft, forestry aircraft, light multi-purpose aircraft, patrol ambulance aircraft, sports aircraft and private aircraft. In recent years, the government has vigorously supported the general aviation market, the navigation policy has been gradually opened and the national low altitude airspace opening policy has also been launched, the heat of private aircraft market   is increasing, people's fantasy of owning private aircraft has become a reality, and the demand for private aircraft will continue to increase. According to industry   estimates, in the future, the general aviation industry will make great achievements in airport construction, pilot training, etc., and there is a large space for   industrial development. It is estimated that the market of more than one trillion yuan will be stimulated. Software Capital's Federal Aerospace has launched the LSA sports flight training program through domestic partners. In 3-4 weeks, you can fly alone in the blue sky and obtain the license issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. With only a fee of thousands, you can realize   your lifelong flight dream.



China's general aviation has just started. If we compare China's transport aviation to a strong man, general aviation is still a baby in its infancy. There is a big   gap between China and the United States, Europe and other general aviation developed countries in this field.According to the current market quotation, the   value of private aircraft ranges from several hundred thousand to tens of millions of yuan and is getting closer and closer to ordinary Chinese people. The all-round development of China's aviation industry in aircraft manufacturing, sales, maintenance, driving and other fields will help push the development of general   aviation to an unprecedented explosive development stage. American Software Capital Group foresaw the business opportunities and regarded general aviation as one of its development projects.

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