Introduction of Lukki Exchange Project of American Software Capital Group

Author:American Software CapitalSource:American Software Capital

We all know that American Software Capital Group has completed the acquisition of MGH Commercial International Holdings Group last month and officially   entered the financial sector of international commercial banks and the emerging market business of the North American digital asset exchange. In this month,   American Software Capital Group has laid a milestone of the Three in one Acquisition Plan to combine the OTC listed companies (stock code is about to be   announced) and Asset Exchanges (Lukki) with LOT encrypted currency .

The Lukki Digital Asset Exchange under American Software Capital Group combines the strongest FINTECH( financial technology) professional teams from   America, Europe and Asia!

Lukki Exchange has won the "2019 fastest growing digital asset trading platform ", it is the world's most recognized trading center, a large number of new   listed transactions and cooperation is undergoing. It is expected explosive growth will take place in the second half of this year!

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