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Recently, the American Software Capital Group has updated many new business developments and some favorable news. It is reported that with the hard work of   the management in the US headquarters, the group has entered the harvest period. According to David Chen, President of Asia Pacific of American Software Capital Group, after long-term unremitting efforts, the group company has officially completed the work of wholly-owned acquisition to Mercantile Global Holdings Group (the US offshore financial center Puerto Rico) at the end of April 2020!

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The American MGH Group was founded in 2019 by Bo Collins, the well-known former chairman of New York Mercantile Exchange. There are two subsidiaries under MGH in the United States, Global International Business Trust Bank and San Juan Digital Asset Exchange. Puerto Rico is a territory of America in the Caribbean, which is a paradise with a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. It is a   offshore financial center of America with British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Bahama for reference, receiving various tax breaks and incentive policies.

By wholly-owned purchasing the MGH Group, American Software Capital officially entered the integrated international financial services sector of commercial banks, digital   asset exchanges, and offshore cross-border online digital banks from the investment banking industry. The trademark of the US MGH Group can be very meaningful. The three colors stand for the   American flag. The round logo is a symbol of the “global”of the company’s name. The blue background represents the vast and promising future of the digital finance industry. The five electronic chip lines in the middle   are the market direction of the five continents. It’s reported that the digital assets (including cryptocurrencies) are rapidly heating up in the international market   and forming a new financial development trend and trillion-scale opportunities at currently.

At the meanwhile, American Software Capital is about to launch the Antigua vacation center project. According to the reports, US Software Capital plans to   accept the invitation from the Prime Minister of Antigua to send a delegation in June(after the end of the coronavirus home quarantine order). Antigua and   Barbuda is the pearl of the Caribbean Sea. With the pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, it has attracted the world’s richest people to visit. This project is at   present arranged and planned by Paul Cook from the European branch of Software Capital. Materials show that, Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the British   Association, which is located in the Caribbean Sea of North America, right next to the Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands(50 minutes from Miami). Makes it the   bridgehead of the entrance of the US market. There are more than 150 countries that are visa-free to visitors with Antigua passport which include EU countries and Schengen countries. For example, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong   Kong, China and so on. Furthermore, if you apply for a US visa, you will hopefully get a 10-year multiple round-trip one.    

American Software Capital was personally invited by the Prime Minister of Antigua Barbuda and will go for a visit in the near future after the epidemic, to   discuss and sign on the projects of Stem Cell Regeneration Medical Center, Investment Immigration Program, Five-star Casino Resort Center. Says President David Chen. Located in beautiful Caribbean Sea, Antigua Barbuda is the member of British Association, it’s close to US   Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, and has close diplomatic relations with China. This can be a pretty good springboard for landing in US.

David Chen also introduced that American Software Capital is about to launch the Heather Island development plan in Florida, investing in the development of the real estate project in Heather Island, Florida. Being the third largest state , Florida is the largest tourist state on a peninsula in the southeast America. It’ on the west of the Atlantic, the east side of the Mexican Bay, and the north side of Caribbean Sea, with mild climate and wonderful scenery. Florida has the fastest growth of population and development of economy among the 50 states. Punta Gorda, a famous city in Florida, is located in the fastest-growing southwest coast. It’s surrounded by Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater and some other famous cities. It is at the top three growth rate   list in America, with convenient sea, road and air transportation. The Heather Island Project will be led by the Mr. Edward Johnson, the former Deputy Director of   Florida Department of Commerce.

Besides, the American Software Capital will also start the Super Station Project. Mr. David Chen said that the new generation of convenience markets will face   two development directions in the future:

1.Metropolis: Delicate and self-sufficient.

2.Suburban: Grand and comprehensive, with distinctive themes and vast stores! The novel overall design and layout, comfortable shopping atmosphere and bright   lighting will all lead a new trend of the supermarket. According to the statistic of the   National Association Convenience Stores, there are 123,000 convenience stores in 150,000 gas stations, accounting for nearly 85%. The monthly turnover of gas is about 80-300 thousand dollars, plus the convenience stores, the number will reach 130-430 thousand dollars. According to the industry report, each gas station with a convenience store has an average annual turnover of 4 million dollars! This is a   project with promising future and potential, combined with gas stations, convenient hypermarket, car rental, car sales, car washing, charging piles and Hutton   Bank’s financial business, it could be a multifunctional and multi-income unicorn project.

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