ASC Group: SVF - Policy statement


ASC Group: SVF - Policy statement

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Statement in line with national policy "important policy release":

Based on the principle that all businesses are legal and compliant, we do not carry out stem cell business in the Chinese market. What we

carry out in the Chinese market is "SVF (structural vascular fraction), a business permitted and not prohibited by China! We will promote

our business with the mode of "stock purchase welfare"!

Participate in the investment of "project research" equity, to "voluntarily participate" and obtain "shareholder benefits" in the form of

promotion(sign the voluntary participation affidavit)! The components of SVF include selfmade adipose derived stem cells and all kinds of human growth cells, so it is different from the commercial application of 100% pure stem cells currently "regulated" by the state!




SVF (structural vascular fraction), is an effective component extracted from the adipose tissue of patients, which contains a variety of cells with repair function and a mixture of cytokines.


Adipose tissue has been considered as an endocrine organ because of its role in energy regulation, inflammatory response and immune response. In addition, it is one of the sources of multifunctional cells with multidirectional differentiation potential, which exist in the vascular matrix of adipose tissue. The vascular matrix (SVF) in adipose tissue is obtained by collagenase digestion, filtration and centrifugation. It is because SVF is easy to extract from adipose tissue and contains abundant and highly plastic adipose tissuederived mesenchymal stem cells (ASC). It is of great significance to reveal the cellular components of SVF and elucidate its biological functions.

SVF cells represent a heterogeneous group of cells that surround adipocytes in adipose tissue. SVF derived from human breast and visceral adipose tissue has been reported to contain endothelial cells, non characteristic stromal cells, blood cells and tissue macrophages. In addition, SVF is one of the sources of hematopoietic progenitor cells and mesodermal stem cells (which can differentiate into osteogenic, chondrogenic, myogenic and neurogenic cell lines).


ASC Classroom

There are many "stem cell" therapies in the market, which have the problem of unknown origin (including sheep placenta, embryonic stem cells, etc.), it is difficult to control. However, SVF vascular matrix is a safe and legal alternative therapy in the world because its important components are autologous adipose derived stem cells, various growth cells and beneficial and harmless cell components.

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